Rawreth Parish Council

Minutes of the 2020 Meetings 





                                          Present: Cllr. A Matthews


                                                     Cllr. P Beckers


                                                     Cllr. Mrs M Beckers


                                                     Cllr. M Collins


                                                     Cllr. Mrs D Jones


In Attendance:  The Clerk, 9 Members of the public and District Councillor Chris Stanley


Cllr Matthews opened the Meeting and told everyone present that Mr Les Buck, a long standing resident of the Parish had kindly hand crafted and donated a beautiful Gavel made from English Oak for the Chairman to use at meetings, Members commented on what a lovely gesture this was and the Clerk was asked to send  a letter of thanks.




176. RECEIVE APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Mrs S Wiltshire.




177. TO RECEIVE DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST. Cllr Mark Collins declared an interest in any item regarding the Laburnum Culvert by way of being a resident of the development. Cllr Alistir Matthews Item 195 by way of being a land owner.




178. TO APPROVE MINUTES OF LAST MEETING. Minutes of the meeting held on the 4th of December 2019 were approved by the Members unaltered and accordingly the Chairman signed them as a true copy.




179. MATTERS FOR INFORMATION ONLY.155.b Signs will need to be made to order, 158.e signs have been purchased.




180. VILLAGE REPORT- The following matters around the Parish were mentioned, where necessary the Clerk will investigate.


a. Several street lights are out in the Parish but they have been reported.


b. Potholes at Goose Cottages have still not been repaired.


c. More buildings appear to have been added to the Traveller site on the A1245.


d. Trees and hedging at the top of Church Road has been cut back, from Goose Cottages in Chelmsford Road to the bend will be done shortly.


e. Speed signs and warning signs in Church Road are overgrown and filthy and some of the road still has bushes and hedgerow overhanging the paths and road.




Members discussed the idea of dividing the Parish into assigned areas for each Councillor so that residents have a point of contact specifically for their concerns. It was agreed that each Member would have the area that they deliver the Annual Parish Meeting invites to, the Clerk confirmed she would produce this list and publish it in the Parish Magazine.




181.  DISTRICT AND COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT- Cllr Stanley advised that he has reported the mud on the road outside the development in Rawreth Lane and stated that the road signs are not reflective because they are so dirty and urged Members to report them too.  




182.  FINANCE. a. Cheques for approval.


CHQ 101255   H L Bloomfield reimbursement of Mileage £4.19 Approved and signed.


CHQ 101256 H L Bloomfield reimbursement of BT Broadband £60.99 Approved and signed.


CHQ 101257 H L Bloomfield reimbursement of Quarterly Office Expenses £53.50 Approved and signed.


CHQ 101258 H L Bloomfield reimbursement of BT Broadband £39.04 Approved and signed.




b. Members to review the Clerks salary.  Members agreed that an allowance should be made in the budget for the forthcoming financial year for an increase in the Clerks salary.




c. Budget and Precept - Council reviewed the Budget and Precept for 2020/2021.  Members agreed the Precept for the year commencing 1st April 2020 as a Precept of £35,000.00 an increase of £10,000.00 on the previous year agreed to incorporate the Councils plans to continue employing a Private Security Company to do nightly patrols and to allow them to undertake maintenance work around the Parish where other agencies fail to respond. The increased Precept will alter the basic Council Tax Base by £19.12.   The proposal was made by Cllr Mark Collins and seconded by Cllr Paul Beckers and unanimously agreed by the remaining members. The Clerk was thanked for preparing the Budget.


d. Members to review the Clerks Pension entitlement. Cllr Mark Collins confirmed he would be meeting the Clerk to discuss this.


e. Members were advised by the Clerk that the recording device owned by her had adequately recording the December Meeting and therefore there was no need to purchase another device.




183. CHIEF INSPECTOR DAVID MILES ESSEX POLICE. Sgt Liz Bailey and another officer attended the meeting and gave apologies from Chief Inspector David Miles as he was unable to attend. Sgt Bailey asked the Clerk to brief her on the reason for the visit as she had not had time to do any research as it had been a very last minute cover for CI Miles. The Clerk advised of the problems that the Parish faces, from burglaries, speeding, parking, drug dealing, but stated that it was probably best to hear from residents how they are affected by crime in the Parish. Residents reported that they have repeatedly moaned that they felt forgotten by the police and that it is only since CI Miles took over that they finally feel like they are being heard. PCSO’s have made visits, patrol signs have been put up and with the already employed private security firm residents are starting to feel more protected. The Problems have been a series of burglaries within a small area of the Parish, the parking on the main road and verges caused by both the football clubs who between them have 19 pitches and allow vehicles using their sites to park outside of the ground causing a dangerous obstruction on a de-restricted road meaning anyone trying to walk along Old London or ride a horse is placed in danger.  The main bridleway runs has an entrance between to the two grounds, 30 riders use this bridleway but have to battle the volume of traffic, speeding motorist and the parking to get there. Stephen from S-Type Security then gave an overview of the types of incidents he has seen whilst patrolling the Parish and the positive results that are being seen by the presence of a patrol, as well as burglaries and attempted burglaries there have been a lot of instances of antisocial behaviour, drug taking, possibly dealing, nuisance noise and fly tipping, Stephen said he is quite often subjected to verbal abuse and registration numbers of cars are taken and given to the Clerk. Sgt Bailey read out the crime statistics, but unfortunately they weren’t shown as either Downhall or Rawreth, just overall figures. Sgt Bailey advised that a new Sgt was now joining the team and that she would pass all the concerns raised to him so that he could liaise with the Clerk and residents. The police were thanked for attending the meeting.




184.  PUBLIC PARTICIPATION- The following matters around the Parish were mentioned, where necessary the Clerk will investigate.


a. Is there any progress with regards to the Enforcement Notice for the Academy Soccer Site?


b. Outside the Community Garden just in front of the thatched cottage there is a large puddle appearing in the road.


c. Was there a response from RDC regarding CIL payments, the Clerk advised that she had spoken directly to Shaun Scrutton who advised that RDC do not receive funds from CIL but via Section 106 Agreements.  Will they be receiving money under a Section 106 Agreement from the Housing Association for the affordable housing element. The Clerk advised she would enquire.


d. Old London Road, Church Road were heavily flooded on the 17th, 21st and 22nd of December, Cllr Matthews went and checked the brook and confirmed that it was a tidal block which was causing the high levels, Watery Lane was flooded too.  Cllr Matthews confirmed that the high tide caused a lot of problems alongside the heavy rainfall.


e. Water from the Fairglen Interchange is being pumped somewhere else, maybe the St Johns Drive area, Peter Plummer was asked to provide all the information he has to the Clerk.


f. Cllr Stanley reported a comment from Rayleigh TC that the modelling for the system at the Laburnum Culvert is still being looked at, or that is the rumour, and the Environment Agency are looking at different designs for the grill, Peter Plummer has suggested they be angled.






a. An enquiry raised by a resident regarding parking on the verges in the Village was read out to Members, but following discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council would have no power to enforce any parking restrictions and cannot apply any.


b. It was acknowledged by Members that thank you letters received from, The Harbour Club, Rawreth Group RDA, St Nicholas PCC, Peaceful Place, Interact, Victim Support and Ravs.




186. FLOODING IN THE PARISH-  See item 184








and update from William Woods at Countryside Properties to arrange a site meeting as she is now in receipt of the new Transfer document for the allotment land.






a. Land to the West of the Pumping Station. It was agreed by Members to remove this item from the next Agenda.


b. Land Drain London Road (adjacent to Claremont) No update or progress to report with regards to the problem with the land drain disgorging onto the pavement.


c. Travellers Site (A1245).  No update or progress to report with regards to Enforcement following the appeal hearing decision given on the 7th of December 2011


d. Old London Road Speed Restrictions and other matters. See item 197.


e. Beeches Road Weight Restrictions and Beeches Road and Watery Lane Flooding. Council to discuss any developments regarding Beeches Road/Watery Lane.  No update to report.


f. Bedloes Avenue. No updates to report with regards to the Council’s request for an off street parking area in Bedloes Avenue.


g. Laburnum Culvert. No update to report regarding the planned LHP works to the culvert. Cllr Collins reported that the Culvert has been coping during the heavy rain but that the grate was quite heavily clogged up with debris.




189. TO RECEIVE REPRESENTATIVES WRITTEN REPORTS OF MEETINGS ATTENDED OR MATTERS TO RAISE AT FORTHCOMING MEETINGS. Nothing to report.  Cllr Collins reported that the next Transport Meeting is scheduled for the 4th of March 2020.




190. RHALC. Cllr Matthews confirmed that the next meeting is scheduled for the 16th of January 2020.




191. PRIVATE SECURITY AND ESSEX POLICE.  The Clerk gave a report on the work carried out by S-Type Security during the preceding month. Also see item 183.




192. PARISH EMERGENCY PLAN- The Clerk confirmed she is progressing the Plan




193. COMMUNITY GARDEN- Nothing to report.




194.  TRAINING-. The Clerk advised Members that she had details of available training courses.








196. PLANNING MATTERS- There were no planning applications received prior to the Meeting which had not been dealt with under Delegated Power.




197. COUNCIL TO DISCUSS LHP SCHEMES AND REQUESTS MADE BY THE COUNCIL FOR WORKS WITIN THE PARISH. The Clerk advised Members that she had still not received any updates from Cllr Maddocks, not directly or through Cllr Kevin Bentley, the matters outstanding and needing updates are the Laburnum Culvert,  Old London Road subsidence, London Road A129 speed restriction.  Members requested that the Clerk contact Cllr Bentley again, and if need be escalate the matter.




198. COUNCIL TO RECEIVE AN UPDATE  FROM  THE CLERK REGARDING THE PROPOSED FIRST AID TRAINING FROM IAN DAVEY, VOLUNTEER CO-ORDINATOR FOR ESSEX COMMUNITY FIRST AID EVENT VOLUNTEERS.  The Clerk advised that she had spoken to Ian Davey about running a first aid course in the New Year. The Clerk advised that she would be speaking to the Village Hall Committee to see what dates were available for the hall to be used and would then put some suggested dates together.




199. RE CAP OF AGENDA ITEMS ON WHICH THE PUBLIC MAY WISH TO COMMENT .  District Cllr Chris Stanley advised that footpath 267 at Dollymans Farm in now closed.




200. ITEMS FOR NEXT AGENDA.  a) Community Garden b) Flooding in the Parish. c) LDF d) RHALC e) Emergency Plan f) Update on all outstanding Enforcement cases g) Reinstatement of footpaths and bridleways h) Private Security i) Parking in Old London Road j) First Aid Courses k) Clerks pension 


201. DATE &VENUE OF NEXT MEETING- Council confirmed the date and time of the next Meeting as Wednesday 5th February 2020 7.30pm in the Rawreth Village Hall.  The Meeting closed at 21.29pm