Rawreth Parish Council




                                          Present: Cllr. A Matthews


                                                     Cllr. P Beckers


                                                     Cllr. Mrs M Beckers


                                                     Cllr. M Collins


                                                     Cllr. C Stanley




164.  RECEIVE APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. No apologies were received.




165. TO RECEIVE DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST. Cllr Chris Stanley declared his position as a District Councillor.




166. TO APPROVE MINUTES OF LAST MEETING. Cllr Stanley referred to Minute reference 145.h and asked that the minutes be altered as they did not reflect correctly what he had said, he stated that he had not said what the Clerk had reported in the Minutes.  The Clerk replied to Cllr Stanley and said that the Minutes were an accurate statement of what he had said and asked the Chairman to ask other Members present at the December Meeting if they had any concerns with the accuracy of the Minutes for item 145.h,  the Chairman asked the three other Members, Cllr P Beckers, Cllr Mrs M Beckers and Cllr Collins if the Minutes accurately recorded what was said, all Members all of the Members unanimously agreed that the Minutes as written were a true reflection of what Cllr Stanley had said. Cllr Matthews then spoke to Cllr Stanley about his attitude towards the Clerk yet again, and said that Cllr Stanley seemed to be passing aspersions on the Clerks minutes and that the way in which he has previously spoken to the Clerk and again this evening was derogatory,  Cllr Stanley replied that he had not been derogatory about the Clerk and that at the December Meeting it was a heated exchange, Cllr Matthews reminded Cllr Stanley that it wasn’t acceptable to speak to the Clerk in the way he had and that it was derogatory, other Members agreed.  Cllr Stanley then replied that for this reason he would like Meetings recorded from now on, the Clerk said there is no legal requirement to record Meetings and it is not something that has ever been deemed necessary before and that the Council does not have the equipment to record Meetings and that recording via a mobile phone is not acceptable, the Clerk again stated that this is not the first time that Cllr Stanley has questioned the Clerk, her minutes, accounts and that he has done so more and more over the last six months and that each and every time she has provided Cllr Stanley with copies of documents he has requested, be it Minutes,  Audited Accounts,  and that he has not  raised any further questions once he has been supplied with copies and given any answers he has requested, however the Clerk now feels that this has become extremely personal and that Cllr Stanley is continually questioning her integrity honesty and she now feels that he is pushing for her resignation and that she will not tolerate it any longer, the Clerk made Cllr Stanley aware that his conduct towards her has previously been reported to RDC that  she would do so again if he continues and that she feels an apology for his behaviour towards her is needed.  Cllr Matthews agreed that the Clerk should receive an apology from Cllr Stanley in writing.




Minutes of the meeting held on the 5th December 2018 were approved by the Members unaltered and accordingly the Chairman signed them as a true copy








168. MATTERS FOR INFORMATION ONLY. 145.b updated under item 169.g.  147.l accounts have now been received so this will be placed on the February Agenda for consideration.  148.b updated under item 174.




169. VILLAGE REPORT- The following matters around the Parish were mentioned, where necessary the Clerk will investigate.


a. Rawreth Lane junction of the industrial estate (Makro) there has been an accident and a lit road sign has been damaged and is lying in the road.








b. Billboard on the grass verge of the Carpenters Arms roundabout advertising fireworks, can this been monitored to make sure it is removed.


c. Water leak in Chelmsford Road, the road now appears to be subsiding.


d. Potholes around Goose Cottages are now extremely dangerous.


e. The broken slabs on the inside edge of the Carpenters Arms roundabout have still not been repaired and are slipping even more.


f.  Two quad bikes have been seen on the A1245 travelling on the southbound carriageway but in a northerly direction, so towards the oncoming traffic, both quads have two people on them, none are wearing helmets, there was a near miss as traffic exiting Rawreth Lane to travel southwards towards the Carpenters Arms are not expecting to find two quad bikes heading towards them as they turn onto the A1245,  the quads travelled in an easterly direction along Rawreth Lane, where it has been reported that two quads have caused damage to the Playing Fields and neighbouring farmland.


g. The water leak in Chelmsford Road has been looked at Cllr Matthews, the leak appears to be going into a BT manhole , the culvert was recently cleaned out by BT. Cllr Matthews has spoken to the owner of number 10 Goose Cottages as it is possible the leak is coming from this vicinity, the owner confirmed he had noticed the water and that recently he had noticed the stopcock of his property is full of water. Cllr Matthews has asked the owner to report this to the water provider.  Cllr Matthews confirmed that Cllr Stanley has returned the drainage map to him and that this now needs to be given to the Flood Forum. The map was given to the Clerk so that a copy can be taken first as this is the only copy and therefore should not be given to the Forum without a copy being held.






170.  DISTRICT AND COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT-  Apologies were received from County Cllr Malcolm Maddocks, he confirmed that he had no updates to report.  District Cllr Chris Stanley advised that he had nothing to report, Cllr Matthews asked Cllr Stanley if the RDC IT system is now fully operational, Cllr Stanley advised that he is not sure but work has been carried out on the system. Cllr Paul Beckers asked Cllr Stanley if RDC still produce Rochford Matters as he hasn’t seen a copy of months, Cllr Stanley confirmed that yes they do but he believes it may only be available on their website, Cllr Beckers replied that these type of modifications are inhibiting certain people as not everyone has access to the internet.




171.  FINANCE.


a. Cheques for approval.


CHQ 100990   H L Bloomfield Reimbursement of Mileage £4.19 Approved and signed.


CHQ 100991 H L Bloomfield Home Office Use £53.50  Approved and signed.




b) Members reviewed the Clerks salary in accordance with the NALC Employment Briefing E02-18 7th December 2018 and unanimously agreed to increase the Clerks hourly rate to £9.96 with effect from the 1st of April 2019, the agreed increase was  incorporated into the budget for 2019/2020




c) Item 179 was brought forward prior to Item 171.c so that all matters could be considered before Members agreed the Budget and Precept.


 Budget and Precept - Council reviewed the Budget and Precept for 2019-2020.  Members agreed the Precept for the year commencing 1st April 2019 as LCTS Grant of £306.00 and Precept of £24,694.00 totalling an overall precept amount of £25,000.00 an increase of £4,745.00 on the previous year agreed to incorporate the Councils plans to employ a Special Policy Constable for the Parish and a Private Security Company to do nightly patrols. The increased Precept will alter the basic Council Tax Base by £11.49.   The proposal was made by Cllr Mark Collins and seconded by Cllr Paul Beckers and unanimously agreed by the remaining members. The Clerk was thanked for preparing the Budget.






172.  PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. The following matters around the Parish were mentioned, where necessary the Clerk will investigate.


a. Would the private security firm look at private roads in the Parish? Cllr Matthews advised no, but if residents in private roads wanted the security firm to cover them in their patrol they could do so with a direct agreement.


b. Will the security firm be given a route to follow? Cllr Matthews advised that  yes they will have a plan of the Parish and it will be covered in its entirety in a route, but the route will be varied each night.


c. The bus stop on the A129 opposite Old London Road has been knocked down.


d. What is a Section 106? Cllr Stanley advised it’s a levy imposed on developers for infrastructure.


e. Peter Plummer (PP) then asked to address the meeting, he advised that when the Laburnum culvert first flooded in 2011 he had a meeting with John Jowers, he raised concerns then with multi agencies but was soon banned from speaking at meetings and still feels like this is happening, the same thing has happed with the Fairglen Interchange,








multi agencies have been involved, Highways, ECC but neither will talk to PP and lines of communication have been cut. PP advised that he found out Andrew Withers at ECC was in charge of the Fairglen Interchange and workers at the site gave PP his number,  he subsequently met with PP and everything was explained to him, he agreed with what PP had said but then he retired and nothing was done, Chris Doe then contacted PP so did Steve Chang, but neither have come back to PP about any matters. David Chapman has spoken with PP and agreed with him that there was a problem, he said his boss would come back to PP, but he didn’t, PP then raised matters with the Flood Forum, he then received an email from Lucy Shepherd to advise that Carl and Richard Baronowski would be looking into matters, they have since come back to PP and said they don’t know anything about it or who is dealing with it. PP advised that County Route have been out and met with him and agreed there is a problem, they have been in touch with ECC, they have since come back to PP and said that ECC have told them it has all been sorted when it hasn’t, they have since been back out to meet with PP but are still insisting that ECC have said its all be sorted, they advised PP they spoke to Lucy Shepherd. County Route advised PP they would send Lucy Shepherd another email but PP told them not to bother and that he would call her as he had other matters to talk to her about that needed sorting out. PP advised that he called Lucy Shepherd and questioned her on where her information had come from and where her Surface Water Management Plan is and why the area has not been identified as a critical drainage area, PP said that Lucy Shepherd advised him that the area is not considered as that, PP said that he told Lucy Shepherd she stopped the report.  PP then said that the Clerk had been talking to Lucy Shepherd  and that in doing so had closed down his chances of getting matters sorted out. The Clerk asked PP when he was referring to as they Clerk had not spoken to her in months and the only recent correspondence was an email she had sent Lucy to update her on Cllr Collins meeting with a resident in Rawreth Lane who’s garden boundary was eroding away which he felt was down to the water in the culvert. PP said that he had a copy of the Clerks email to Lucy, the Clerk asked for the date, which PP gave as 25th of May 2018, the Clerk replied yes, 8 months ago when you asked me to contact ECC as you had failed to secure a meeting with them to resolve a number of outstanding new and  historical matters that you had raised with them and had not had answers to  and you asked for my help and intervention to secure a meeting with Cllr Walsh, PP confirmed yes he had asked for this, the Clerk then told PP that she had done exactly what he had asked and that after months of trying to arrange a meeting for him was just on the point of doing so when she was advised by Lucy Shepherd that a meeting between PP and ECC had already taken place,  subsequently Cllr Stanley advised the Council that a meeting had taken place and that PP had now met with Cllr Walsh, the Clerk advised this had all been minuted and Cllr Stanley was asked to verify this was the case and that following the meeting in which he reported to Council he asked for his comments to be redacted from the Minutes as he had made a mistake and PP had not met with Cllr Walsh, Cllr Stanley confirmed that all that the Clerk had said was correct. Despite hearing all that the Clerk and Cllr Stanley had said PP then continued to say the Clerk was the reason that all his communication with County had been blocked and that nothing had been resolved, the Clerk refuted PP accusation and stated that it was only himself that had stopped meetings taking place and closed communication down as he kept jumping from one contact to another, not keeping other people updated and then not informing the Council about meetings he had attended.  PP then continued to speak to the Clerk in the same manner and at this point the Cllr Matthews closed the meeting to him as he was being disrespectful and was not listening to the factual replies the Clerk was giving.


f. Rev Richard Jordan and Heather Love then spoke about the new housing development in Rawreth Lane and advised that the Church have been thinking about when the new housing is occupied and would like the Church, School Doctors and Parish Council to come together with a view to producing a welcome pack to be handed out by the sales office. Members agreed that a welcome pack was an extremely good idea and something they had already discussed and thought about. The Clerk advised that she had managed to secure a meeting with Countryside on the 23rd of January to discuss points of contact and liaison over the development stages and that this was something that could be discussed at the meeting.   The Clerk suggested that following the meeting on the 23rd it might be a good idea to have a working party for this matter so that it could be progressed outside of the Councils monthly meeting. Members agreed this was a good idea and asked the Clerk to make this an agenda item for February for an  update and to discuss a working party, the Clerk confirmed this would be done and it was agreed that the Clerk would contact Heather Love to update her on the meeting with Countryside and the working party.






173. GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE (to note). Thankyou letters were received from RRAVS, Interact, The Peaceful Place and The Harbour Club.




174. FLOODING IN THE PARISH-  The Clerk advised Members she had received an email from resident Mr Collins who had written to the Environment Agency about the proposed waste plant at Dollymans Farm. The email from Mr Collins included a reply from the EA which the Clerk read to Members, in short, the EA stated that any concerns they had raised had been answered in full. Cllr Matthews asked the Clerk to see if a copy of Mr Collins emails and letters from the EA could be given to Peter Plummer, Mr Plummer signalled that he already had copies.








175. LOCAL DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK PROPOSALS AND THE ALLOCATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT DOCUMENTS AND PLANS. The Clerk repeated the information she had given in item 172.f that a meeting would be taking place on the 23rd of  January with Countryside Properties to establish a route of communication going forward when the development starts. Cllr Stanley then advised that the development at the Silver City site in London Road had recently covered a ditch and that he had got in touch with RDC who visited the site and the ditch has now been reinstated. Cllr Stanley also advised that the final application for Malyons Farm is due before the Development Committee on the 10th of January 2019.






. a. Land to the West of the Pumping Station. No update to report.


b. Land Drain London Road (adjacent to Claremont) No update or progress to report with regards to the problem with the land drain disgorging onto the pavement.


c. Travellers Site (A1245). No update or progress to report with regards to Enforcement following the appeal hearing decision given on the 7th of December 2011.  


d. Old London Road Speed Restrictions and other matters. No update to report.


e. Beeches Road Weight Restrictions and Beeches Road and Watery Lane Flooding. Council to discuss any developments regarding Beeches Road/Watery Lane.  No update to report. The Clerk advised that the road will be closed in May 2019 for works regarding the weak bridge.


f. Bedloes Avenue. No updates to report with regards to the Council’s request for an off street parking area in Bedloes Avenue.


g. Laburnum Culvert. No updates to report.




The Clerk advised that more work had been undertaken at Tibs Farm, land to the rear of Clovelly and that she had reported this to RDC and had subsequently been advised that it is part of the reinstatement works agreed under the Stop Notice imposed by RDC.








178. RHALC. None.




179. SPECIAL POLICE CONSTABLE AND PRIVATE SECURITY. Members discussed the possibility of a Private Security Company patrolling the Parish. Cllr Matthews reported that the Security Guard being considered is from an ex-military background, having served with the Royal Fusiliers in Northern Ireland and Afghanistan. Cllr Matthews said that the company had confirmed they do not need to be accredited and that they will not be entering premises buildings yards etc  and that if we did use an accredited company we would be paying a much higher rate for their services.  The Parish will be covered seven nights a week, a full CRB certificate is available as are references, the company has a very good working relationship with the police and are already patrolling neighbouring Parish’s. Cllr Matthews confirmed he would be having a meeting with the company next week. He Further confirmed that a working contract would be entered into and full invoices provided for the weekly service provided.  Cllr Matthews confirmed he would report back to Members in February, the Clerk advised that she would put something in the Parish Magazine Article inviting residents to raise any questions they have. Members agreed this is very much something they wish to consider and as such both this and the employment of a Special Police Constable for the Parish were factored into the Budget and Precept for 2019-2020.




180. PARISH EMERGENCY PLAN- Members agreed to defer this item to the February Agenda.




181. COMMUNITY GARDEN-  Cllr Collins presented the Council with a Plaque that he had kindly had made for the Council to place in the Community Garden to commemorate the trees recently planted by residents Mr and Mrs Collins as part of the Queens Commonwealth Canopy.




182.  TRAINING- The Clerk advised Members that she had details of available training courses








184 PLANNING MATTERS- There were no planning applications received prior to the Meeting to consider.








185. RE CAP OF AGENDA ITEMS ON WHICH THE PUBLIC MAY WISH TO COMMENT . Peter Plummer (PP) asked to address the Meeting again as he had not been able to mention a couple of points, Cllr Matthews reminded him about his conduct before allowing him to continue.


a. PP advised  that since Lucy Shepherd at ECC had had a ban placed on PP contacting staff at ECC b he had made a formal complaint which has been investigated and ECC have confirmed they have not done all that they should have or on time and apologised and have arranged a meeting with PP themselves RDC and the EA.  Cllr Matthews advised PP that he was pleased this meeting had been arranged and that he could have simply advised the Council of this instead of going over past events .


b. PP advised that a motorbike has been driving through the pedestrian underpass in Old London Road and that a post has been removed.


c. PP has attended the RDC Flood Forum Meeting and is waiting to speak to a man to apply for grant funding, he hasn’t been able to before because of the ban imposed on him by ECC but now that has been lifted he can apply and they will be going through everything with them at a meeting


d. PP advised that County Cllr Malcolm Maddocks was supposed to get involved with the Fairglen Interchange but has not been in touch with him.




186. ITEMS FOR NEXT AGENDA.  .  a) Community Garden b) Flooding in the Parish. c) LDF d) RHALC e) Emergency Plan f) Update on all outstanding Enforcement cases g) Reinstatement of footpaths and bridleways h) Funding for a Special Constable/Private Security i) Rawreth Flood Action Group Grant j) Water leak Chelmsford Road k) Dollymans Farm application l) Working party for new development welcome pack








187. DATE &VENUE OF NEXT MEETING- Council confirmed the date and time of the next Meeting as Wednesday 6th February 2019 at 7.30pm in the Rawreth Village Hall.




 The Meeting closed at 22.00 pm