Rawreth Parish Council

Agenda for the next meeting of Rawreth Parish Council


Clerk to the Council:     Mrs. H. L. Bloomfield, 49 Lower Lambricks Rayleigh Essex SS6 8DA

                                         Telephone & facsimile 07773 952455

                                         Email: clerk.rawrethparishcouncil@btinternet.com



30th August 2018     

Notice is hereby given that the next Meeting of the Rawreth Parish Council will take place on Wednesday 5th September 2018,  at Rawreth Village Hall, Rawreth, at 7.30 pm, when it is proposed to transact the following business, the public and press are welcome.




71. TO RECEIVE DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST. Any Member declaring a Prejudicial Interest in an item will be able to address the meeting during the Public Participation Session only and in accordance with Section 12.2 of the Code of Conduct 2007 they must leave the meeting once they have made their representation, answered questions and or given evidence, they must also leave the meeting at the start of the item they have declared an interest in.






74. MATTERS FOR INFORMATION ONLY. (updates from previous minutes) At the Meeting held on the 4th of July the Minutes from the 6th of June were approved by Members and accordingly were signed by the Chairman. As always these Minutes were circulated one week prior to Meeting to allow all Members to read them and note anything that was incorrect or needed further clarification, the Minutes of the 6th of June were approved with no amendments. Following the Meeting the Clerk received and email from Cllr Chris Stanley  stating that he  would like to clear up some points on the June meeting. “ Reference to the minutes 6th of June in which I reported that Peter (Plummer) had a meeting with officer's from ECC can I first say the meeting with the officers was arranged by peter and that I was not there as a councillor from either parish or district I was invited by peter as a witness. I introduced myself as Cllr Stanley and I am on the parish council I was mistaken in what I said to members that Peter had met with Cllr Walsh this in fact was not true  as i presumed as I was not there and this was a bad mistake on my part on which I do apologise. I now understand that Peter has not had a meeting with Cllr Walsh .Once again I apologise for any misunderstanding” 

The Clerk must advise Members that the Minutes of the 6th of June cannot be altered as they are a true reflection of what was reported  by Cllr Stanley to Members at the time and that there is no error in what was recorded by the Clerk . The above statement by Cllr Stanley can be noted as a redaction under this Agenda Item 74 and Members need to agree this is to be noted in the Minutes of the Meeting held on the 5th of September with regards to the Meeting held on the 6th of June.


75. VILLAGE REPORT- To receive details of concerns or items worthy of note around the Parish.


76.  DISTRICT AND COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT- To receive details of concerns, updates and items worthy of note from the District and County Councillors.



a. Cheques for approval.

CHQ 100961  H L Bloomfield Expenses £4.19 ( to end July)

CHQ 100962 H L Bloomfield Reimbursement of Website Fees  £76.87

CHQ 100963 H L Bloomfield Expenses £4.19 (to end August)

CHQ 100964 H L Bloomfield Reimbursement of BT Broadband Fees £58.49 (August)

CHQ 100965 NWG Business (Essex Water) Standing Charge £22.23

CHQ 100966 H L Bloomfield Quarterly allowance for home office use £53.50  

CHQ 100967 J A Pinkerton Maintenance £1260.00


78. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION- Public participation with respect to items on the Agenda and other matters that are of mutual interest or concern. The Council will hear first from Councillors with prejudicial interests who must leave the room immediately after they have

made the representation, answered questions and or given evidence.

Councillors with a prejudicial interest cannot remain in the room to hear the representations of others. After the close of the Public Participation Session or earlier, once all members of the public have made their representations those Members who have left the room due to Section 12 .2 may rejoin the Council. The maximum time allowed for this item is 15 minutes and  at the close of this item members of the public will no longer be permitted to address the Council.




80. FLOODING IN THE PARISH-  Update regarding flooding issues in and around the Parish, including any recent correspondence from ECC.


81. LOCAL DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK PROPOSALS AND THE ALLOCATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT DOCUMENTS AND PLANS Council to discuss any progression with regards to Development within the Parish including proposals for the Fairglen Interchange.



a. Land to the West of the Pumping Station.

b. Land Drain London Road (adjacent to Claremont) Update and progress report with regards to the problem with the land drain disgorging onto the pavement.

c. Travellers Site (A1245)–Update and progress report with regards to Enforcement following the appeal hearing decision given on the 7th of December 2011. 

d.  Old London Road Speed Restrictions and other matters. Update and progress report regarding the request for the re-restriction of Old London Road.

e. Beeches Road Weight Restrictions and Beeches Road and Watery Lane Flooding. Council to discuss any developments regarding Beeches Road/Watery Lane.

f. Bedloes Avenue. To receive any updates with regards to the Council’s request for an off street parking area in Bedloes Avenue. 

g. Laburnum Culvert . Council to discuss any developments with regards to the maintenance work and drainage issues.




84. RHALC. Council to receive a report from the latest meeting.


85. PARISH EMERGENCY PLAN- Members to discuss the progression of a Parish Emergency Plan.


86. COMMUNITY GARDEN- To receive any updates regarding the Community Garden.


87.  TRAINING-Update on training courses available to Councillors and Clerk, and feedback from Councillor’s who have attended training courses.


88. REINSTATEMENT OF FOOTPATHS/BRIDLE WAYS IN THE PARISH. Council to discuss any matters relating to footpaths and bridleways in the Parish.


89. PLANNING MATTERS- a) Council to consider any planning applications received prior to the Meeting  which have not been dealt with under Delegated Power.


90. RE CAP OF AGENDA ITEMS ON WHICH THE PUBLIC MAY WISH TO COMMENT . The maximum time allowed for this item is 15 minutes and  at the close of this item members of the public will no longer be permitted to address the Council.



92. DATE &VENUE OF NEXT MEETING- To confirm the date and time as Wednesday 3rd October  2018 7.30pm.

H L Bloomfield Clerk to Rawreth Parish Council